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engThe GeZC gliding club

The GeZC is a gliding club located near the German border in the eastern part of the Netherlands 5 miles north of Arnhem. It’s a very operational gliding club with over 200 members, 12 modern gliders and an excellent airfield with several runways and great thermal conditions. It’s a beautiful field with excellent gliding conditions. All activities are 100% gliding focused. There is no interference from parachute jumping or motor-fly activities.

The GeZC is self-supportive and works with volunteers like a huge group of instructors winch operators tow plane pilots etc. It’s therefore that we have very attractive annual membership rates.

We fly every weekend,  but mid season and when the weather is supporting us we might fly 7 days a week,

Don’t hesitate to contact us when you need more information.  You can use this automated information request form or give us a call +31 (0)6 8353 3951

Where to find us:
If you travel by Car from direction Utrecht via the A-12 take exit 26 Arnhem-Noord and follow the roadsigns “vliegveld Terlet”

If you arrive via Apeldoorn A 50 you should take exit 21 “Schaarsbergen” at the end of the exit turn right and follow roadsigns “Terlet”

The Airfield address is Apeldoornseweg 203, 6816 SM Arnhem.

How to approach Terlet from the air

There is no easy answer to this question.
Under normal circumstances when the weather is good for gliding our field is accessible. but it’s important to understand that the glidingfield is in the middle of a military CTR as you can see on the map’s 

Practical approach could be, Up on approaching the airfield Terlet in this sequence

1) Contact the GeZC / Terlet gliding frequency 130.130 if they are flying than access is easy, approach from the east follow the circuit make a nice landing and ask for a cold beer

2) Contact Dutch mill 132,355 tell them your intention and ask them if you can land on the airfield Terlet, if you come from the east then this shouldn’t be a problem, there is a possibility that the direct you to the military tower 129.925 this is the part where it becomes tricky depending on activities they might not let you in.

3) An alternative could be to divert to gliding field Malden

Be aware that it can happen that there are three independent glidingclubs operational at the same time from different airstrips.

For the record, it is always your responsibility to follow the formal rules as put in place by LVNL

4 thoughts on “For English speaking pilots

  1. Min Kim


    I am Min and looking for a ticket to experience gliding for my partner.
    He has no experience at all but I was wondering if you can make a fly with him for 10-20 minutes?
    I would like to know the price if you serve the programme and how I purchase it.

    Thank you in advance,

    1. Harry Groenewegen Bericht auteur

      Dear Min,

      I am sorry but we do not sell or accommodate passenger flights. Main reason is that our two seater traing planes are fully booked due to the very busy training program for our junior pilots.

  2. Fabio Silva

    Dears, good morning!
    I do like to do my EASA Sailplane Pilot Licence (SPL) and I do like to know the possibility to do in this Club because I just speak English.
    Also, if it would be possible, I do like to know the costs to do the license.
    All the best!

    1. Harry Groenewegen Bericht auteur

      Dear Fabio,

      English speaking pilots are welcome in our club but only when they are fully qualified and trained up to SPL level. We do not have the capability to train pilots from scratch.

      FYI: average cost is around the 1000 euro’s annual this is including membership of the KNVvL and excl. medical examination

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